7 Things Every PR Girl (and Guy) Should Know

    1. Trust Your Instincts: Hesitation will get you no where. If you have an idea, pitch it. If you find an opportunity, take it. Go for it, and if nothing happens, it’s much better than if you never went for it in the first place. Taking initiative to act upon your own ideas requires a “no fear” attitude, a small amount of shamelessness, and a lot of heart. So don’t second guess or overanalyze, just do it and trust yourself, because it already put you ahead of the person who didn’t.
    2. There is No Black and White: More often than not, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to PR. The best solutions are the creative ones, the ideas that got outside the box and don’t limit themselves by adhering to existing expectations. PR will allow you to find what best works for you, and it might take a few failures to get there. Making mistakes is a huge part of the creative process and one of those mistakes might just turn out to be your greatest success’.
    3. Wear the Right Shoes: Despite the belief that public relations happens behind a desk, the job often requires jetting to different locations throughout the day to attend meetings with clients or stopping by events. In Las Vegas, this means you are walking, sometimes running, to the next stop. So as much as those 6-inch stiletto pumps are seducing you into wearing them, think again. No one wants to do business with a girl (or guy) who can’t even walk in their own shoes.
    4. There are No Dumb Questions: Okay, sure, you should probably try every solution possible when attempting to scan or print something before you ask for assistance. However, asking questions is the way to show initiative and gain a deeper understanding of the tasks at hand. If you don’t know, ask! The only dumb question is the one that’s been asked too many times before.
    5. Charge Your Phone, Bring A Charger, Or Be Ready to Beg: PR means being ready for anything, staying updated, and taking opportunities as they present themselves. There is no going “off-the-grid” in this industry. Constantly staying on top of current conversations through social media helps you, and your client, stay relevant. Walking into an event with a dead phone is like showing up without a limb, so invest in a mobile charging station. There is nothing more devastating to a PR girl or guy than a dead phone.
    6.  Know Your Stuff: It doesn’t matter if you are into tech, fashion, food, or music; knowing all things in between is like arming yourself with conversational inventory. Do the research it takes to know what people are talking, writing, and arguing about. Get to know everyone in the industry, from the bartenders to the celebrity chefs. Try everything you can and meet everyone you can, because your career is either as strong or weak as the network you build.
    7. You Are What You Wear: Image isn’t everything, but it sure can help (or hurt) during first impressions. Whether we agree with it or not, we live in a world and a city, that places a decent amount of emphasis on looks. When you go out into the world, you represent yourself; but also your team, your clients, and your brand. While this is surely not the most critical component of being a PR girl (or guy), it sure can help people remember, or forget, who you are.