Just Keep Pinning

By Sabela Burleson

Have you ever had an idea, but needed visual inspiration? Don’t Google it, Pinterest it! Pinterest is one large visual search engine with more than 300 million people posting and pinning fashion, interior design, cars, travel, art, cuisine and more. See below for a few of the many reasons your brand should be on Pinterest.

Increase Brand Awareness

With an exceedingly large audience, Pinterest features extremely high engagement, driven purely by content. You can promote your brand to a vast audience through the company’s ideas and unique creativity.


Showcase Your Brand’s Creativity

Each board on Pinterest has a different theme with no limit to the inspirational content. Brands can highlight what makes them stand out from the crowd. Think of the boards as virtual mood boards and let your creativity take flight.


Drives Website Traffic

Pinterest is an excellent tool for driving more traffic to your website. It also converts more browsers into purchasers than any other platform by creating click-worthy content that links back to your website. For example, during a pinner’s search for a fun Independence Day outfit, they may come across a pair of great sandals. By clicking the link, they can now take their search from planning to purchase.


Better Together

Linking together is always better. With Pinterest, you can integrate your website, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, allowing you to automatically post to your board directly from your other social media platforms, then linking back to the intended account. Integrating your accounts will help grow your following on multiple platforms.


Know your Audience

When someone follows your board or account, you can follow them back and learn more about your target audience and their interests. Each pin is a visual representation of the person’s interest or ideas, so you can gain insight into how to better market to your current customers and create a strategy to reach new audiences. Pinners can even add your pins to their board, increasing your brand’s awareness and reach.


Strictly Business

Now it’s time to start pinning! Sign up for a free account through Pinterest for Business so you can learn more about your audience and track analytics. If you already created an account, simply convert to a Pinterest for Business account.