My Internship with one7Communications

I came to one7 communications with little “real-world” PR experience. Being my first internship, I didn’t know what or how much work to expect. I felt a little uncomfortable, but Carrie and Dawn assured me that they would help me with anything I felt unfamiliar with.

My first assignments started small, creating media lists and getting used to the programs they use. After a few lists were made and I went from playing on programs to actually using them, I was assigned to pitch a story to national media outlets. I was ecstatic when one of my pitches was featured on the homepage of a major trade website!

As the summer progressed, I worked regularly with the Keep Memory Alive Event Center, attending meetings and working directly with the client. I was given various projects that ranged from public relations tasks to marketing efforts. Forming and maintaining a relationship with a Las Vegas client was one of my summer goals, so I am grateful that one7 gave me the opportunity to do so.

In addition to the basic PR work like press releases and newsletters, I was invited to attend networking events like the Las Vegas Weekly awards at Omnia Nightclub and the PRSA mixer at Tapas by Alex Stratta.

Whether it be at our weekly meetings or work lunches, I always felt warm and welcome to be apart of the one7 group. Since day one, they made me feel like a part of the team and never once like an inferior intern.

They gave me experiences with assignments that would benefit my skills and add to my portfolio. They guided me along the way from mundane tasks to time-crucial events. They gave me independence to contact media and attend meetings.

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They even threw me a pretty awesome going away pizza party at Pizza Rock, to which I was assured was “the best pizza in Las Vegas.” Thank you one7 for making my summer experience fun, rewarding, educational and worth missing.

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