OneSource July 2020


Marketing budgets have risen to record levels during the pandemic, as it plays a key role in retaining customers and building brand value. The increases come as industry views on the importance of marketing have increased during the pandemic. Source: Marketing’s importance increasing during the pandemic as share of company spending hits record high.


The PR industry is charged with influencing and swaying media conversations on-air, online and in print. As we face this generations’ largest civil rights movement, it’s our duty and responsibility to ensure our communication and the professional counsel we provide are respectful and culturally sensitive. PR pros must educate themselves on offensive terms that are ingrained in everyday conversation and work to remove them from their vocabulary. Here are five examples to start with: Source: 5 racially offensive phrases PR pros must delete from their vocabulary


Scrap your content calendar and put self-promotion on hold to prioritize listening. Five crucial social media trends are highlighted below. Source: 5 emerging, surging social media trends for 2020


What does your logo and brand identity say about your company? PepsiCo acknowledged its Aunt Jemima brand is based on a racial stereotype and will change the name and packaging, and rice brand Uncle Ben’s said it plans to follow suit by “evolving the visual brand identity.” Source: Uncle Ben’s rice and Mrs. Butterworth’s syrup announce plans to change their logos tied to racial stereotypes


Carmakers are incorporating at-home delivery into their sales pitches in an effort to keep car buyers interested, a shift expedited by the Covid-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions keeping customers away from dealerships. The rise in online car shopping could signal the future of the industry.  The actual customer journey of an auto buyer isn’t so simple, so providing these alternative options for not only purchase decisions, but pre-purchase education, was imperative. Source: During the Pandemic, Auto Brands Embrace Digital Platforms and Ecommerce


Events with small in-person audiences and larger virtual audiences are likely to be the new norm for quite some time. While event pros are becoming well-acquainted with the challenges and rewards of fully virtual events, the concept of hybrid gatherings comes with its own best practices. To prepare for this new, new normal, top event producers explain eight things you should be thinking about now. Source: What Will Hybrid Events Look Like? Industry Pros Answer Your Biggest Questions


Better together seems to be a common theme in the community this year, regardless of the topic. While companies struggle to find a way to be strategic and adapt to the ever-changing climate of 2020, it’s important to remember the basics. Ultimately, people buy from people where there is a genuine connection.  Taking the time to build rapport with other brands and with your audience could be the “new” strategy you’ve been looking for. Source: Lean on me:  why partnerships will be essential in 2020