Spooky Similarities Between PR and Halloween

By Joanna Miller

As I’m getting my costume and celebration festivities in place for Halloween, I’m realizing how similar a career in public relations and Halloween can be. And no, I’m not tricking you!

It takes a lot of planning: PR and Halloween require planning, planning and more planning. Think about it, how many hours do you spend with your team thinking about different ways to craft a pitch or what elements to bring to the next event? Well, the same type of thinking (and time) often go into creating the perfect Halloween costume or throwing the best party.

It is creative: Choosing the perfect Halloween costume whether it be scary, silly, cute or funny, really gets the creative juices flowing! The best costumes are always the most creative and unique ones, much like the most innovative and effective public relations strategies, pitches, media drops, etc…

You get to wear different costumes: It is not unlikely to have several different Halloween events with several different costumes needed. Just like Halloween, PR allows you to “wear” different costumes. One day you may be a photographer at an event, the next you’re a media relations master, and the next you are helping a client completely rebrand their organization. There is always an opportunity to try something new or “wear” a different costume in the world of PR.

It’s a team effort: Group costumes become more popular year after year. Seven dwarfs or a group of M&M’s both need everyone to be involved and engaged to make it work. PR works the same way. Each team member needs to be an active participant to help the client and the company be successful.

Trick or treat!: In PR, there are a lot of “tricks.” Things won’t always go according to plan, and you have to think quick on your feet. By having plans and processes set in place, you are ready to effectively handle any kind of trick that gets in your way. There are also a lot of treats. Working in a field you love with people who are passionate, hard-working and fun to be around is better than any candy passed out on Halloween.