Kaleena Wu

PR & Social Media Coordinator

K-Pop Connoisseur / Snack Enthusiast

“Life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them” — Kim Namjoon

Kaleena is a Washington D.C. native who has hopped around the U.S. living in Houston, Denver, and finally making her way to the Silver State to finish her Communication Studies degree at UNLV. 

Her interest in the study of communication has stemmed from her interest in traditional and new media. As a fanatic for all things Star Wars, Studio Ghibli, K-Pop, and classic literature, she pondered the idea of why society liked these fandoms so much, and how we’ve integrated them into social trends and phenomena of pop culture. 

She was intrigued by the unique way social media played a significant role in spreading and synthesizing digital content. This led to her first social media internship where she learned the foundations of social media marketing. However, she wanted to dip her toe in the world of PR and F&B marketing. This discovery led her to OneSeven, where she happily is today assisting both the PR and social media teams with various tasks that stretch her understanding of what it means to effectively communicate a specific message across all platforms and mediums.