Eugene Dela Cruz

Content Creation Director

Photography connoisseur, Magic The Gathering enthusiast

“When people ask me if I went to film school I tell them, ‘no, I went to films.” — Quentin Tarantino

With nearly 12 years of professional video and photography experience, Eugene Dela Cruz brings a creative eye and unique approach. Specializing in video production, video editing, motion graphics and design, photography and photo editing, he is responsible for overseeing the planning, production and delivery of multimedia projects for clients.

After graduating from The Art Institute, Las Vegas with a Bachelor’s of Science in Digital Film & Video Production, he worked at creative agencies Adlava and Olicity and freelanced, creating content for clients across a multitude of sectors, including Downtown Las Vegas, World Market Center, Medsmart, Michaelson Law, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Healthcare Partners of Nevada, Hamilton Law and more.

When he’s not shooting the next viral video for a client campaign, Dela Cruz is an avid Magic the Gathering player, lover of all things hot dogs and doting father to his son.