7 Secrets To Penning The Perfect PR Quote

By: Rene` McCullough

We’ve all been there. Writing a pitch, press release or media response for our client only to get stuck when attempting to craft a great quote that doesn’t start with cliche words like “thrilled” or “excited.” Well, dread it no longer. Use these seven secrets to guide you in penning the perfect spokesperson quote.

  1. Bet on the misfit. Use information or wording that doesn’t necessarily work in the press release and then craft it as the quote.  
  1. Goal setting. Ask yourself what’s your goal for the press release? Are you trying to get the public to attend an event, purchase a new item or congratulate a new hire? Once the motive is clear – write the quote with that intent in mind to drive your point home.
  1. Talk it out. Jump on a quick call with your client to get their perspective in their own words. A five minute call can give you more information to pull from.
  1. Be genuine. Ditch the “perfect” robot response and show your spokesperson’s human side. Take a moment to find what’s truly exciting about the event and how the spokesperson really feels about it, keeping in conversational and without using jargon.
  1. Read all about it. Look for the newsworthy tidbit so that the media won’t be able to resist picking up the story. Is there a demand or trend that your client is responding to? If so, a direct quote about it will grab a writer’s attention faster than fluff.
  1. Duplicate your impact. Give different perspectives by quoting multiple people. If there is another key player, quote them as well – it gives more strength and validity.
  2. Open availability. Make sure that those quoted are available for interviews and approved what you wrote so they can expand on it.