7 Things I’ve Learned as an Intern

I’ve learned a lot since interning with One7 Communications, here are my top 7!

1.) PR is not a 9-5 job, it’s a 24/7 job.
-Especially when you have clients all over the United States as we at One7 Communications do. It could be 4 a.m. on a Saturday night and you receive a call from a client with a new idea they want you to work on and they want it done by noon the same day…You just have to do it!

2.) No job is too big or too small.
-Your #1 job is to make the client happy. You may encounter a request from a client that you think may be too big to accomplish but with compromising and strategic planning IT CAN AND WILL BE DONE! You may also think that some tasks are little and you don’t see the point, however there is reasoning behind everything.

3.) It is okay to have a little fun in the workplace.
-Fun and work in the same sentence? Of course! Business is business, however when you mix a little office fun into the equation it makes for a better workplace. Especially in the PR world when you’re trying to think of new and creative ways to do things, things others have not done before. Whether it is a fun interactive idea for a media drop, or a cool invite for a grand opening it’s okay to be a little silly!

4.) You’re constantly learning something new.
-PR is not your typical job; things are constantly changing which makes the job fun and interesting because unlike other jobs it’s not the same day to day routine.

5.) Making a good first impression is important.
-First impressions are everything! You may meet a journalist for the first time and want to pitch them an idea and in all reality you usually have about 30-45 seconds to do it. If you were nice and polite they remember it just as much as if you were not so nice.

-Everyone stressed the importance of networking, especially in college. After interning for One7 I have realized that it is HIGHLY important to network. That’s what the PR world is all about, not only building relationships but maintaining them. It’s also not just about having a relationship with someone but having an authentic genuine one.

7.) Communication is key.
-Working in an agency you have multiple clients from all over, some even in different time zones. In order to maintain your credibility and work ethics it is good to touch base weekly and schedule weekly in-person or phone meetings to allow your clients to know that things are getting done and for any new business to be discussed. Once a week may be too much for some people, so if that’s the case then a couple times a month would be just as beneficial.