How To Have A Healthy, Happy Holiday

By: Blaire Ritter

We’ve had the pleasure of partnering with Lev Restaurant Group for the past few months, including their properties Daily Kitchen Summerlin, Daily Kitchen Henderson, The Golden Tiki, Jaburritos, Lobster ME, and the newly opened Evel Pie on East Fremont Street. With venues featuring everything from “Evel” pizza to acai bowls, Dole whip rum floats to lobster rolls, this opportunity has been both wonderful and delicious!

With the holidays upon us and this is traditionally the time of the year when people pick up a few extra pounds, we asked Lev Group’s executive culinary director Mark Levasseur for some tips and tricks on staying healthy while still enjoying the holiday feasts.   Copy of daily_kitchen_food_and_kitchen_by_krystal_ramirez_36

Tip #1: Holiday parties are full of little bites that inadvertently fill people up. If you’re headed to a function right after work, start with a sparkling water, then seek out the vegetables and fruit. Splurge on one or two bites of cheese or charcuterie then go for another round at the veggie tray. 

daily_kitchen_food_and_kitchen_by_krystal_ramirez_57Tip #2: Watch portion sizes during the big holiday meals. If your occasion is more formal, arrange your plate like a fine restaurant with small portions neatly arranged in the middle of the plate. For self-serve meals, instead of creating a mound of everything on a plate as you work down the line, a bite or two of three to four items is the best way to go. 

Tip #3: Watch out for the mashed potatoes and other purees as they use lots of butter and cream.  Use these dishes to complement your veggies (which should be the main focus of your meal) and protein, but don’t make them the foundation of the meal.  

daily_kitchen_food_and_kitchen_by_krystal_ramirez_64Tip #4: Step away from the main meal still feeling a little hungry to leave room for the wonderful desserts that you know you will want. I love pie and will try them all, but smaller than normal portions (or splitting with a friend or family member) will satisfy that urge for something sweet and allow for a sampling of several.    

Tip #5: Instead of turning on the TV or taking a nap after dinner, change tradition and take a refreshing walk around the block with friends and family for extra bonding time while burning a few calories.