Scholarship and Mentorship Helps Clark County High School Seniors Attend College

Epicurean Charitable Foundation (ECF) gives CCSD high school seniors planning to pursue a degree in hospitality, culinary and food and beverage management the chance at a full ride scholarship that can change their life. The non-profit not only provides students with scholarship money to fund college but pairs them with a mentor from the ECF’s board of 22 executives.

ECF students shared some thoughts on how mentorship helped them!


It is a privilege to have Sean Dicicco as my mentor. I knew right from the start he would be as helpful with my future career as he is in my personal life. I am grateful to know that I can go to him for anything. Whether it be school, my job or family related. With his experience and vast knowledge of the Culinary and Hospitality industry, I am sure to succeed. I am excited to build a stronger professional relationship and friendship with Sean. 


I am truly fortunate to have a man like Ken as my mentor for my first year in the program. Ken is my mentor in many ways, not only does he provide academic mentoring, but also life advice and advice about the food and beverage industry as well. I feel comfortable and confident in talking to Ken about anything and everything, because I know he genuinely cares about what I have to say. Anyone who gets Ken as a mentor in the future will be lucky, because he is such a caring person and sincerely the best! 


Luiz is always willing to share advice and experience he has gained throughout his career. He has taken the time to get to know me better in order to help me reach my full potential. I know we will stay in contact well past my college years, and I look forward to developing an even stronger relationship with my mentor. 


My mentor Michael has been extremely influential in my first year of college. It is a real privilege to be able to receive advice from such an experienced individual in the hospitality industry. It is reassuring to know that I have a mentor that genuinely wants me to see succeed, and is willing to equip me with the necessary knowledge to do so.


I would like to thank Brent for all of the support and valuable experience that he provided me with. It is a pleasure to have such a professional by my side who is there to support me, inspire me, and to influence my growth as a future hospitality leader. I have learned from him how to never give up and he only increased my interest in hospitality. 

Know a student who could benefit from the scholarship? Share this message and get them to apply soon! Deadline is March 13.